EVENT: The Architect: What Now?

It has been two weeks since I attended 'The Architect: What Now?' opening debate, a panel discussion cancelled at last minute due to the unrest in the centre of London. Held in the marvelous venue of the crypt of Sir John Soane’s One Marleybone, the event and following exhibition aimed to question problems in the profession and suggest new solutions for architects in the coming years.

Organised by Alison Coutinho, Dan Slavinsky and Wai Shin Li, the event was composed of exhibited work by two recent graduate designers of a futurist persuasion, a wall of postcard suggestions submitted by visitors and a panel debate with questions.

In the run-up to the opening evening the event had garnered much publicity in the architectural press and so it was a real shame that they couldn’t follow through with their plans. The atmosphere between the dark capsule arches was terrific and I’m ashamed to say I forgot my camera this time around but you can check out Rick Roxburgh’s photos here. I will be posting more when they reschedule the debate but until then I suggest you go and have a look for yourself, if not only to see the pop-up pub they installed to serve drinks.